We do things
differently around here

Our approach to new applicants is the same as our approach in the bedroom: we love trying new things and the weirder the better.

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100% Remote

Our team is global, and we love that. Sure time-zones can be a b*tch, but zoom has become our best friend.

Our Dress Code? Barely washed T-Shirts, boxers and socks - it’s whatever you feel that day.

Autonomy At It’s Finest

We hired you because you’re good at what you do. Since we’re a small but fast growing team, you will be responsible for your entire function. That means only a few check ins per week from us.

If you’re not ready for responsibility and handling ‘yo business, we highly suggest NOT applying.

Always Innovating

We never, ever want to hear the words “well, that’s what everybody else is doing”. We’re looking for the boldest of the bold - those not afraid to try new sh*t out.

Every good idea here starts with a “I don’t know if this will work, but...”

Deep Work

You can’t think if you’re in meetings all day. You can’t innovate if you don’t have time to think.

Yes, we have meetings, but having time to work deeply by ourselves solving complex problems is our top priority.

Read this book. It will change your life

Perks on perks, y’all

4-day work week

We’re not busy people, we’re productive people. When you maximize your time, you end up working fewer hours.

unlimited vacation days

Take holidays when you want, life is about enjoying yourself: we all die someday.

fast track to leadership

We’re lean and we’re growing quick. You’ll be in on the ground floor and have the chance to get promoted quickly.

Want to join us?

Write us an email at founders@hellasclothing.com with a detailed explanation of how you could help us.

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