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For those Who hate What IFS

This Includes

those who start things but don’t follow through

those who have that killer app idea but aren’t doing anything with it

for those still havent their neighborhood barista for their number

This Was Us

We would come up with an idea, put it all on an excel sheet & never do anything with it. Over and over again. Sound familiar?

It’s About Damn Time

We started this company cause we were sick and tired of all the coulda, shoulda, woulda bullshit we kept feeding ourselves.

Fucking Being afraid of Failure

We hesitated, we backed out, we weren’t sure. But finally we said, f*ck it, what’s the worst that could happen? We fail and have to massage the buttocks of a firm yet tender 75 year old sugar daddy while he tells us that we’re doing something “meaningful” with our lives. Been there, done that.

Say hello To hellas

Hellas is the result of not giving a f*ck. Sometimes a drunken night in New Orleans is all it takes to figure it out.

As diehard crew sock lovers, we realised nobody was really giving crew socks the care, attention, and time they deserved.

So we did.

Bourbon Street 2018 (Armaan on the left, Leighton on the right - who looks more hammered?)


what defines us

Always mackin’ never slackin’


An Amazing Product

A good sock can bring out your personality, give you the support you need to perform, and most importantly - make you look f*cking good.

So we cut no corners. Every thread has been scrutinized over to make sure your feet feel like their a million bucks.

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Our Customer Service

We’ve just never understood why brands act so robotic. I don’t want your fucking automated email telling me to buy from you again.

At Hellas, you are never just a f*cking number dude. You’re in the cult. And in this cult, everybody’s a f*cking god - so we do everything to treat you like one.

being different in the way we want to be

Flat Out Doing Things Better

The best part about creating Hellas was having the opportunity to run a company the way 2 young guys trying to have a good time thought a company should be run.

As you can tell, we cuss, we try to be funny (emphasis on try), and we generally do what we feel is right. Why? Because we said from day 1, it’s important to just be us and stay true to ourselves.

We want you to do the same, and it’s our hope Hellas enables you in that same way.